Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Frugal Tip of the Day

I'm lucky to have hair that can go curly or straight.  But I always go with straight. Which means product.  And a blow dryer.  And a hair straightener.  For the last few weeks, my poor hair did not know what to do with this strange weather.  It was full of static, and I couldn't get it to do what I wanted it to no matter how hard I tried.  So I decided to go curly.  And I've gotten so many compliments, I think I'll keep it this way for a while.  I can hear my hair thanking me for taking a break from all the damage I've been causing to it all this time. It's not nearly as needy and I'm able to use whatever shampoo or conditioner I happen to find around here.

So here's where my Frugal Tip comes in. 
I ran out of conditioner a few days ago.  My daughter is now washing her own hair, and she likes to use my shower, so she helps herself to whatever she finds in there.  Fun surprise for me, I thought I just bought this bottle!  Anyway, since I was desperate and needed to use something, and I knew there was still a little bit in the bottle that was just being stubborn, I added some water and shook it up.  It was just a thinner version of my conditioner, and it just so happens that my hair loved it!  So I bought a new bottle of conditioner, squeezed some of it into the old bottle, added water and used it again today.  So far so good.  On the one hand I feel super cheap, because I only spend about $4 on my conditioner anyway, but hey, if I can stretch it this way, then fine.  And now maybe I won't get so irritated when my daughter uses so much. 

Frugally yours,



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