Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday - Gratitude

Today I am SO thankful for good friends - reliable friends - that I'm able to call in a pinch.

Tonight is a RARE night that the hubby and I were going to leave the kiddos with a sitter and go to a concert.  We don't go out. Without kids.  Like, ever.  So I've really been looking forward to tonight.

Well, because of a miscommunication with the sitter {okay, it was me not confirming times with her} she thought that I wasn't going to need her, and made other plans.  Dangit!  Since locking the kids in their rooms with a snack wasn't really an option that was going to work for us (well, the baby certainly wouldn't go for that!) I was almost resigned to the possibility that I would have to stay home, and send hubby out with someone else.  Either that, or I could just call John Tesh and see if he could reschedule the concert...wait, that probably wouldn't work either.  :)

I have some really great friends, but most of them also have school-aged kids, and it would be hard to ask them to come over and babysit for 4 hours on a school-night.  But then I remembered that I do have 1 kidless friend, who has helped me out in so many ways just in the last week alone.  She comes over and just starts washing dishes, straightening up, offers to vacuum, ran errands for me...seriously, this is a great girl!  5 minutes and 3 texts later, she's confirmed to come over tonight, help the kids with homework and stay til 10 - or whenever.  10 o'clock! As in PM.  Oh, my goodness, we're going to be out past our bedtime!

So, I have a date tonight.  With the most amazing man I know. {Isn't it a great thing that I'm still excited about dating my husband after 12 years?!) 

And I am so grateful to Tracy for making it happen.

P.S.  I am also extremely thankful that Chloe slept ALL NIGHT.  Let me tell you, in case you were not aware, that a full night's sleep makes a HUGE difference in my attitude.  Uninterrupted sleep = happy mom, and happy mom = happy family.  Much better all around.  Take note, Chloe, my dear.

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